Family Income Survey

Completing this survey will ensure your child’s school receives the full amount of federal and state funding and makes sure your child receives all the educational services and programs they are entitled to. Mount Vernon School District receives certain federal and state funding (Learning Assistance Program, teacher incentives, etc.) based on the economy of our community. This Family Information Survey provides your child’s school a way to collect household information.

Data collected is confidential and used only to support accessing funding from state and federal programs.

Please complete and return this form to Mount Vernon High School or the District Office.

Thank you, we appreciate your time!  

English Family Income Survey for 2022-2023

Español Encuesta de Ingresos Familiares 2022-23

Опрос о доходах семьи за 2022-23 гг

English & Español Consent to share for 2022-2023