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Creative Writing/Yearbook

Welcome to 2013-2014 Creative Writing and Yearbook!  We will spend most of 1st quarter on Creative Writing (Poetry and Fiction), 2nd and 3rd quarters on Yearbook, and 4th quarter on Creative Writing (Non-Fiction).


ABC Writing Skills

Students create a book of writing skills.  One page for each letter of the alphabet. Some letters are pre-determined; some are free choice.  Each page must identify what the letter is and what it is for (ie "A is for Alliteration"), have a picture, either hand-drawn or magazine collage, and have a paragraph explaining the example and analyzing it's use of the skill.  Due at the end of the quarter.

Yearbook Page Rubric


Creative Writing Rubric


Advertising Rubric


3rd Quarter Points

Please read this document.  It is by far the most important one this quarter. 


2nd Quarter!

Assignments below this line may not be completed any longer.


EOQ Evaluation

Students fill out an evaluation of both themselves and their partner based on performance and productivity in the 2nd quarter.


Photo Analysis

Students use the photo composition rules to analyze two photos taken by the student: one that follows them and one that doesn't.  Photos should be of the same subject.  Here is the website that we used to learn about the composition rules.


Fiction Final

Students select one of their fiction pieces from the quarter and expand it to 3 pages.


Fiction #2

Students select one form of conflict and write a short story using that strategy.


Humor Practice

Students watched A Christmas Story (the movie version of Jean Shepherd's "The Counterfeit Secret Circle Member Gets the Message, or the Asp Strikes Again") and compared the use of humor in each piece.


Progress Reports

Signed Progress Report due by January 6.


The Counterfeit Secret Circle Member Gets the Message, or The Asp Strikes Again

Jean Shepherd.  Scroll down.  Pages 41-50.

Student's must write EITHER: a rewrite of the story from the mother or the brother's perspective, OR, students may write a sequel from the narrators perspective.


Literary Device Notes


To Build a Fire

Jack London.  Students must write a 1-page response in their comp book.


Fiction #1

Students write the first short fiction story. 



Sandra Cisneros.  Students must write a 1-page response in their comp book.


Poet Quiz

This quiz was based off of the poet presentations.  Students must see Mrs. Saylor to make up.


Workshop 2

Students complete a workshop form in response to each member of the group's Poem 2.  Workshop  forms are available from Mrs. Saylor.


Poet Presentation


Poem 2

Students write a poem to share with classmates in a workshop.


1st Quarter!

Assignments below this line may not be completed any longer.




Rudyard Kipling


Gangsta's Paradise

Coolio, Video Here

8 Days of Work


Return to D'Ennery; Rain

Derek Walcott

Persephone Writes a Letter

A.E. Stallings

Progress Reports

Students may print a replacement progress report from AIMS.  They need to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned by October 15th.  15 points.


Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Dylan Thomas.  Has audio.


Memorized Poem

Students must memorize a poem of at least 12 lines.  It needs to be recited to Mrs. Saylor during a free minute in class whenever students are ready.


A Man may make a Remark

Emily Dickinson

Workshop Participation

Students turned in one workshop form for each student in their group, completed with meaningful feedback.


Poem #1

This is the poem students were to write for the first workshop. 


The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Langston Hughes.  Has audio.


The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost


Favorite Quote Poster

Make a poster of your favorite quote.  It could be something someone said, a song lyric, out of a poem, book, etc.  Needs to be nice and big, and professional enough to stay on my wall all  year. 


Annabelle Lee

Edgar Allen Poe

Cremation of Sam McGee

Robert Service

We Real Cool

Gwendolyn Brooks.  This one has audio.

This is Just to Say

William Carlos Williams

Blackberry Picking

Seamus Heaney





























Here are some helpful downloads for you. 

Yearbook Page Rubric

Please do one for your inital spread, and one for each page after that. 


Advertising Rubric

Use this for all forms of Advertising.


Creative Writing Rubric

Use this for all forms of creative writing.


Coming Soon!

Yearbook Page Rubric


Creative Writing Scoring for 3rd Quarter

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Possible Topics for Creative Writing

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