Mount Vernon High School Sports Medicine Program Places 13th at State out of 50 Washington Schools!

MVHS participated in the 24th annual WCTSMA competition and symposium in Kennewick, Washington this past weekend. Our students did an outstanding job and had fun at the same time. Participants included Daniel Pauley, Alex Keck, Nathan Moran, Savannah Benfit, Samantha Hill, Olivia Barber, Jason Carter, Rene Serrano, Jacob Biebl, Guadalupe Sanchez, Madalyn Snook, Suzeth Herrera, Helen Pederson, Alex Roberts, Natalia Navarro, Ceil Blais, and Kahlan Wilfong

Special recognition to Helen Pederson who finished 4 th out of 91 participants in the CPR Category. Jacob Biebl was 20 out of 83 participants in Medical Terminology Category. In the Sports Medicine/Oral Practical Category, Samantha Hill finished 32nd out of 242 participants. Our 3 JV members, Natalia Navarro, Ceil Blais, and Kahlan Wilfong, completed in the knowledge bowl and made it all the way to the semi-finals against larger teams averaging 5-6 members each. Alex Keck did an excellent job as Co-President of the Washington Career and Technical Sports Medicine Association. Nate Moran was awarded one of the four $500.00 scholarships provided for the competition.

This year’s event was the largest ever with over 850 participants from 50 schools across the state.

We should qualified for Nationals which will take place in May
John Banaszak MA/LAT/ATC