On Saturday (Feb 3), 24 students competed against the students from around the Northwest Region. Sixteen students placed in the top six at the Northwest Region conference. From April 4-7, these students will compete at the Washington State Business Leadership Conference in Bellevue, WA.

  • Eyad Alsilimy - Public Service Announcement (1st), Parliamentary Procedures (3rd - team event), Help Desk (4th)
  • Renad Alsilimy - Introduction to Business Presentation (2nd)
  • Jordan Anderson - Database Design and Application (2nd), Spreadsheet Applications (4th)
  • Yuva Belarbia - Introduction to Business Procedures (2nd), Introduction to Information Technology (2nd), Introduction to Business (3rd)
  • Tyler Berg - Cyber Security (4th)
  • Fernando Brambila - Networking Concepts (6th)
  • Andrew Chong - Computer Applications (4th)
  • Peter Cole - Hospitality Management (6th)
  • Emily Flones - Website Design (1st)
  • Matthew Jurenka - Cyber Security (1st), Impromptu Speaking (2nd), Parliamentary Procedures (3rd - team event)
  • Quincy Nzokah - Entrepreneurship (1st), Management Decision Making (2nd)
  • Steven Ong - Broadcast Journalism (3rd), Parliamentary Procedures (3rd - team event), Networking Concepts (6th)
  • Grayson Parker - Business Ethics (1st), Parliamentary Procedures (3rd - team event)
  • Gunnar Pedersen - Economics (2nd), Securities and Investments (4th)
  • Stefano Terenzi - Cyber Security (2nd), Parliamentary Procedures (3rd - team event)

These students spent countless hours studying, rehearsing presentations, and perfecting their products. A photo of the student is also attached.


If you see these students, please congratulate them on a job well done!