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Yearbook staff spoke with the publisher about expanding the book to support the request for more baby ad space. Pages are purchased in 16 page blocks. The cost to add those 16 pages would be $1450. We would have to sell a minimum of (20) 1/2 page ads to break even at a cost of $75 per ad. If we don't sell the minimum of (20) 1/2 page ads, the orders for the additional baby ads will be canceled and the $75 fee will be refunded. We also need to submit these pages to the publisher soon, so the orders would need to be placed and photos would need to be turned in by November 21st.

If you have purchased an ad already, your photos were due on November 3rd. Please submit those ASAP.

To be clear, there is no guarantee we will be able to fulfill the order until the minimum of 20 ads are sold. If you have any questions, please call or email